The 7th Annual Jack Fletcher Memorial Tug-O-War

  • Date and time: 29 January 2017 10:00AM
  • Rules: See below
  • Coordinator: Peter Hugonnet 0418 676 827
  • Cost of entry: Nil
  • Admission to the Show: Free for registered ToW team members.
  • Age of participants: 17 and below for Juniors.18 and above for the Men and Women competitions.

This event commemorates the life and community service of Lt COL Jack Fletcher GM. Jack served 31 years in the Army, the last eight in the Reserves. After leaving the Army, he became Chief Superintendent in the Commonwealth Police – the forerunner to the Australian Federal Police.
Jack settled in Bungendore and was a long time member of the Bungendore Show Society until his passing in November 2008. His widow, Margaret, approached the Bungendore Show Society with a proposal to run a tug-o-war competition at the 2009 Bungendore Show as a memorial to Jack.Tug8

The Lt COL Jack Fletcher GM Memorial Tug-O-War Competition is a wonderful opportunity for community groups to participate in celebrating Jack’s life and in competing for the cash prize. The only condition attached to the prize is that it is contributed to a charity or community cause.Tug13

The Tug-of-War Competition is an important way for community groups, sporting groups or groups of friends to participate in celebrating Jack’s life. Traditionally this has been an over 18’s men’s competition however, from 2015 it was expanded to a women’s (over 18’s) and juniors (under 18) competition also.Tug14

Thanks to the continuing support of Mrs. Margaret Fletcher, Steve Williams and Bungendore Rural, the prize money for the winner of the final best of three pull-offs in each of the Competition Groups in 2017 will be as follows:

Juniors:  $250
Women: $400
Men:       $500 + LTCOL Jack Fletcher GM Memorial Tug- o-War Competition Trophy.         

The Prize Money should be given to a charity or community cause of the winner’s choice.

 Teams of 6, Best of 3 pulls, fair rules applied
. Admission to the Show free for registered team members


  • As ToW participants enter the showground area they will need to identify themselves to one of the entry control staff who will have a list of all participants. There will be no entry charge for participants but there will be for any non-participants accompanying them. A team representative, preferably the Coach, will be responsible for organising their team to be at the nominated TOW area at 9:30AM and to make themselves known to the co-ordinator of the competition.
  • Participating teams are requested to advise the Co-ordinator of the intention to compete no later than COB on Monday 23 January 2017.


  • The draw for the first round of competition will be available on the day. Each team will consist of 6 members, preferably managed by a Coach.
  • Gloves may be worn if desired.
  • The rope we will use will be marked at the centre, 3m and 5m points.
  • Each competition is the best of 3 pulls and teams will change ends after each pull.
  • A coin toss will determine which team will be invited to select their first end.
  • The rope will be placed on the ground with the centre marker on the rope being aligned with a mark in the ground.
  • Teams will adopt their starting position by having the team line up to the rope, facing the opposition, with the first member standing at the 5m point from the centre.
  • When teams are ready the controller will give the direction Take up the rope.
  • Both teams will pick up the rope and adjust their positions without straining the rope.
  • The next command will be Take the strain. Teams then strain the rope and may be required by the co-ordinator to move forward or back to position the centre mark on the rope in line with the ground marker.
  • When the rope is in position, and both teams are steady, the command to Heave will be given.
  • The pull will be decided when one of the 3m marks on the rope crosses the centre line on the ground.
  • The co-ordinator’s decision, or that of a nominated judge, as to the winner of each contest will be final.

If your organisation or group would like to participate please contact the undersigned at your earliest convenience.

Peter Hugonnet


Mobile: 0418 676 827


Mrs M. Fletcher and