Dog Jump

This exciting competition is open to ALL dogs, and allows them to demonstrate their awesome upward mobility skills.

Select your starting height as high as you dare. Watch your dog skitter, scrabble, glide and bounce over the jumps. Feel free to curse, bribe and cajole them, but no touching!!

And don’t fret if they don’t make it over the first time, remember you get another go.

SMALL DOGS (under 30 cm)
ENTRY: $2 per dog
PRIZES: Trophy for 1st place and ribbons for  2nd and 3rd

OPEN EVENT (min. starting height 90cm)
ENTRY: $5 per dog
PRIZES: Trophy for 1st, and cash prizes for place getters up to 5th

Rules & Regulations for Dog Jump Competition

  • The competition is a test of the dog’s jumping ability.
  • The competition is open to all dogs and bitches.
  • The dog is to jump over the log wall; however the dog can touch any part of the jump to get over the wall.
  • It is suggested that two handlers are required, with one handler releasing the dog at the jump run up and the other handler to catch the dog on the other side of the jump.
  • The dogs can be encouraged over the jump by a handler, vocally or visually.
  • The dogs can remain on the lead during the run up and jumping, however the dogs cannot be assisted by either handler by pushing or pulling the lead or the dog.
  • All dogs not jumping must be on a lead, with a handler in the marshalling area away from the jump run area.
  • Only one dog may be loose in the competition area at any one time.
  • The owner has the right to select the height, above the minimum height, at which the dog will commence competition. Once in the competition, dogs must jump all following jumps.
  • Each dog is allowed three jump attempts at each height if necessary until only one dog remains to provide a winner. If more than one dog has jumped the final height, a count back on refusals is to be done and the dog with the least refusals will be the winner. If all are equal the prize is shared, with each dog declared joint winners.
  • Dogs shall be disqualified if unsuccessful on the 3rd attempt.
  • Any mishandling or misuse of any dog will incur immediate disqualification.
  • Bitches in season are not permitted on the ground.
  • Each entrant must have completed and signed the Entry Form, and agree and understand that their dog/dogs and they have entered the competition/s at their own risk and that the conveners and/or their representatives accept no responsibility for any risk or injury, however caused.