The Australian dairy goat industry is geographically diverse and is well placed to service the increasing interest and demand for exotic cheeses and alternatives to cows’ milk. In addition, the Australian dairy goat industry services a high quality export market for stud dairy goats.

There are six recognised dairy goat breeds in Australia: Anglo Nubian, Sanann, British Alpine, Toggenburg, Australian Brown and Australian Melaan.

Goats DO NOT in fact eat just anything! They may try different foods once but will not eat food that has been dropped on the floor or poor quality hay. Goats do not thrive under the same conditions as sheep and dairy cows as they are a browsing rather than grazing animal. Goats like to graze good pasture but their diet must also contain ample roughage, some concentrates and a supply of bushes, weeds or rough scrub to give variety.

Dairy goats are traditionally hand-raised and like people so make sure you go and say hello. The Goat Display is located adjacent to the Sheep Section. There will be owners and breeders on hand to answer any questions you may have about goats.