Dachshund Races

Have you ever been to a Dachshund race? If not, you really don’t know what you’re missing. They’re not fierce competitors but they are certainly fun to watch. To look at a Dachshund, you wouldn’t think it would make a very good racer. They are compact and very low to the ground, with short legs. But just like some people who don’t know that they are smaller, these dogs give it their all. Well, some of them do. Others stand around sniffing each other and visiting, or running off into a field.

In 2016, the Bungendore Show hosted the inaugural Werriwa Wiener Dash, the first (to our knowledge at least) Dachshund Race in the Capital Region, and it was a roaring success with over 120 dachies and their parents in attendance. People came from across Australia to see these little power packs run.

Due to demand we have expanded the event for 2017 and will be running 16 heats throughout the day, Semi-Finals in the morning and afternoon and the Grand Final as the last race of the day. Entry is open to all dachshunds whether long, short, wire haired or miniature, standard or somewhere in between size. There will also be Para-Wiener Dash for those special dachshunds who are elderly or living with a disability that would preclude them from otherwise running.

2017 will also see the return of the popular Dapper Dachshund costume event for those sausages who like to dress up and for those which don’t like racing or dressing up, you can join in the attempt to set the Official World Record for the most number of Dachshunds in one place.

Entry to all races and the Dapper Dachshund is $2 per event with all funds raised going to Dachshund Rescue Australia. Entry details are on our tickets page here.

Even if you don’t have a dachshund, come along to watch the races, learn more about the breed and pat a wiener.


The Werriwa Wiener Dash would like to thank My Dachshund Online and Love ‘Em Pet Treats for kindly donating prizes for this event.